Household Recycling


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We have all been there. Your phone charger breaks or you upgrade the doorknobs in your home, don't throw it away, recycle it! There are so many items that people do not realize are recyclable. Instead of recycling them they are ending up in the landfill. Why not take those items to Bloom Recyclers and get some money instead of paying to dispose of them.

We are happy to assist you and your family in your recycling efforts and applaud your commitment to the environment. Like many of you, for us recycling isn't just a business - it's a way of life. If you are interested in getting your family into recycling check out our Kids Club! Please see our material list for items accepted at our facility. See the bottom of this page for a list of common household items that are often thrown away instead of recycled.

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Appliances * Bbq Grills * Blender Bases * Bicycles * Candy Tins * Car Batteries * Car Parts * Cardboard Packaging * Cast Iron Radiator * Cast Iron Tub * Charging Cords * Curling Irons * Dishwasher * Doorknobs * Dryer * Exercise Equipment * Extension Cords * Fans * Faucets * Foil * Freezers * Furnace * Hair Dryer * Heaters * Hinges * Holiday Lights * Keys *  Lawn Furniture * Lawnmowers-fluids drained * License Plates * Lighting Fixtures * Locks * Metal Bed Frames * Metal Blinds * Metal Dishes * Metal Hangers * Metal Furniture * Metal Sheds * Metal Shelving * Metal Siding * Microwaves * Newspaper * Oven * Paper Packing Materials * Paperclips * Plumbing Fixtures * Pots & Pans * Refrigerators * Sardine Tins * Scissors * Shower Head * Screen Doors * Silverware * Sprinklers * Stove * Swing Sets * Tin Food Cans * Tire Rims * Toaster * Towel Rack * Trampoline * Washing Machine * Water Heater * Window Frames

Household items that are mistaken for garbage but easily recycled



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