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frequently asked questions


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Do you offer bin service or pick up?

   Yes we do. We can bring various sized bins to almost any location. We offer flatbed service, roll off service, as well as smaller bins and containers. We can also bring our own equipment as needed. We can place bins for use long term or for one time jobs. The amount of recyclable material you have will be the determining factor on if we provide this service. For smaller loads (1-3 appliances) we do not currently offer a pick-up service. The cost of picking up a small load like this would cause us to have to charge you rather than pay you. If you are interested in on site recycling please call us or use our contact form locatedhere.

Do you offer a garbage service?

  No we do not. 

What are the age requirements to turn in recyclables and be paid?

     If you are turning in aluminum cans, newspaper, tin foil, aluminum foil, household plastics or household food cans there are no limits or identification required.  

    If you are turning in any other type of material you need to be 18 or older and meet all identification requirements. 

​What are the identification requirements to turn in recyclables and be paid?

If you are turning in a Utah state regulated “suspect” metal, you are required to provide a Driver License issued in the USA.

All other materials require one of the following:

  • Military Identification
    • You will also need to provide your state issued driver license or state issued identification card as we are unable to scan military ID
  • United States issued Passport
  • State issued identification card from any state in the USA
  • State issued driver license from any state in the USA​

All identification must be legible, current and unexpired. Expired, illegible or broken identification will be refused. All identification must be able to scan clearly. You must present your identification at each transaction. If our cashier is unable to clearly see all information and photo the items will be refused. You must be recognizable in your identification image.

What are state regulated suspect materials?

Current list of State of Utah regulated suspect metal items:

  • #1 copper
  • #2 copper
  • Automotive and industrial lead batteries
  • B&S copper
  • Brass or bronze bar stock and bar ends
  • Catalytic converters
  • Communications transmission towers
  • Gas meters
  • Gravesite monument vases
  • Gravesite plaques
  • Guard rails* payments must be made to government agency or customer must provide appropriate release from government entity
  • Ingots
  • Light poles * payments must be made to government agency of customer must provide appropriate release from government entity
  • Manhole covers * payments must be made to government agency or customer must provide appropriate release from government entity
  • Monument plaques
  • Nickel and nickel alloys greater than 50% nickel
  • Sewer grates* payments must be made to government agency or customer must provide appropriate release from government entity
  • Street light poles (aluminum) * payments must be made to government agency or customer must provide appropriate release from government entity
  • Street signs
  • Traffic Signs
  • Unused or undamaged building materials
  • Water meters
  • Wire that has been burned or has the appearance of being burned

Why do recycling companies require identification?

The identification requirements are there to verify your identity and make sure we are within state, federal and local laws.

What do I do if my property is stolen?


     First, contact your local police and make a report. They will give you a case number which we will need to provide any information on the case. 

    Second, call us. Give us the case number, item description (material, weight, condition) and when the item was taken/last seen. If you have any suspect information this would be great as would any photos or video related to the case. After your case has been issued a number you can come down to look for your materials.

    We cannot provide any personal/transaction information to you but work very closely with all law enforcement agencies. 

Can I turn in property that once belonged to the Railroad, a city or state?

     Yes and no. A lot of property that was once railroad, city or state property needs to have certain paperwork and criteria met. If you are contracted to remove said materials you should receive a release from the proper channels before trying to recycle any of it. If you have a question on your material please call us and we can help you find what type of paperwork you will need.​

Do you take items that contain Freon?

Yes. You are required to inform us when dropping the material so that it can be safely and professionally evacuated. We provide this as a free service to keep our earth clean. You will get the same price on your material whether or not it contains FREON.

 Do you sell material to the public?

Yes. We have a large inventory of reusable materials that we sell in designated areas. We do NOT sell any car parts.

 Why are some items not for sale?

     We are at times contracted to destroy items. 

 Are your scales certified? 

Yes. We have yearly state inspections to be sure our scales meet all legal requirements. In addition we have our scales serviced by an independent scale company anytime we suspect they may need new calibration.

 Do you accept cars, trucks and other vehicles from the public?

Yes. All vehicles must have a free and clear title and the person recycling the vehicle must be 18 or older with identification matching the registered owner on the vehicle.

Do you post your prices online?

      No. With prices changing sometimes multiple times per day it is just not realistic for us at this point. 

Are hard hats required?

Anyone unloading in the Iron Yard needs to wear a hard hat. We have plenty of hard hats to loan out during your transaction. Please check in at the truck scale for your hard hat.

Do you have any coupons or specials?

Yes. Please sign up for ournewsletter for our best coupons and early entry into our contests. 

What items are NOT accepted?

  • Cardboard
  • Carpet and Carpet Pad
  • Chemicals
  • Computer Monitors
  • Concrete
  • Dirt
  • ​Fiberglass
  • Gasoline
  • Grocery Bags
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Household Batteries
  • Household Plastics *program suspended
  • Kegs
  • Light Bulbs
  • Mattresses
  • Oil
  • ​Paper products
  • ​Plastics
  • ​Porcelain Items
  • Radioactive Items
  • Rubber
  • Sealed Tanks
  • Sensitive Documents (No shred service available)
  • Styrofoam
  • Televisions
  • ​Tires
  • ​Toilets
  • Vinyl
  • Window Glass
  • Wood